186. “Ah, Daryl Gates on his day off.”

The episode:Mitchell,” ep. 512

The riff: Observed disapprovingly by Crow as Mitchell blows away a thug in a park who breaks off conversation with him and sprints away. Yes, the scene is as weird as that makes it sound.

The explanation: Daryl Gates was the chief of the Los Angeles Police Department from 1978-1992. He was extremely hard-line in carrying out his duties, favoring swift action and not shying away from violence. His administration came under heavy national fire following the 1992 police beating of Rodney King and the ensuing race riots that resulted in more than 50 deaths, and he resigned shortly thereafter. The bots are making fun of this bloody streak, about as political as they ever get.

Novelty factor: I know about the riots of course, but I was too young at the time to really be following the name of Gates in the media.


2 thoughts on “186. “Ah, Daryl Gates on his day off.”

    • There’s a story that goes that Mike, late in the show’s run, was staying at a hotel and was informed by someone that Joe Don Baker was somewhere there in the building. He hid in his room throughout the weekend because he was afraid Baker would try to beat him up if they ran across each other.

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