184. “Anthony Cardoza, featuring rich Corinthian leather!”

The episode:The Hellcats,” ep. 209

The riff: Spoken by Crow during the opening credits when producer Anthony Cardoza’s name is put on screen. When he gets to the “rich Corinthian leather” part, he applies a heavy Spanish accent.

The explanation: First of all, Anthony Cardoza is an actor/producer of some of the worst MST3k movies ever, all three features of Coleman Francis, “The Beast of Yucca Flats,” “The Skydivers” and “Red Zone Cuba.” Here, they’re comparing his name to that of a car, the Chrysler Cordoba, a luxury coupe sold from 1975 to 1983. During the entirety of its run, the car was well-known for the series of television ads that went along with it. In the ads, spokesman Ricardo Montalban would praise the car’s “soft Corinthian leather” in his silky-smooth voice.

Novelty factor: It’s all Greek to me. I didn’t even recognize Cardoza, an actor/producer involved in some of the most painful overall MST3k moments.


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