183. “Hidemasa in the cold, cold ground.”

The episode:Gamera vs. Zigra,” ep. 316 (Possibly the most confusing of all the Gamera films.)

The riff: Spoken by Joel during the opening credits when the producer’s name, Hidemasa Nagata is shown.

The explanation: This is a reference to a minstrel song called “Massa’s in De Cold Ground,” written from the perspective of a slave on a plantation whose master has died. As Tom points out right after the riff, it was written by the “father of American music,” Stephen Foster, who wrote many famous minstrel and parlor songs like “Oh! Susanna” and “Camptown Races.” I don’t think this one is nearly as well known, though.

Novelty factor: I had no idea–I didn’t even know who Foster was. I’m also somewhat perplexed by this song, because if I’m not mistaken, doesn’t it have the exact same tune as “What a Friend We Have in Jesus“?


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