181. “No, I think a mudskipper did it.”

The episode:The She Creature,” ep. 808

The riff: Sarcastically answered by Mike as two cops examine some beastly footprints and one asks the other, “Do you think a human could have done this?”

The explanation: Mudskippers are a variety of amphibious fish that are found largely in Asia and the African coast. They are able to live on land and breathe air for extended periods, although as the name suggests, they mostly stick to the mudflats. There don’t appear to be any mudskipper species that are indigenous to North America.

Novelty factor: I knew what they were because I’ve always been a bit of a nature geek and spent many childhood years watching Discovery Channel programming. This is of course before they switched to showing faux documentaries about mermaids. Still, despite the fact that I knew this, it seems like a pretty obscure and random reference for the SOL crew to throw out. I am curious how many average Americans would know what a mudskipper is.


3 thoughts on “181. “No, I think a mudskipper did it.”

      • I know it’s 3 years later but remember Muddy Mudskipper? He had his own show that Ren and Stimpy watched. I’m only about 7 years older than you, but I continue to be surprised by the things that you and I don’t have in common(the things that seem to be novel to you.) The generational gap must be right between us.

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