180. “Why did he spray Desenex all over the window?”

The episode:I Accuse My Parents,” ep. 507

The riff: Asked by Tom as our movie’s “hero,” the hopeless and hapless Jimmy, industriously cleans a shoe store window covered in white film as part of his new job.

The explanation: This is like one of those jokes where they could have substituted a million other products. As it turns out, Desenex is an “antifungal powder” and spray that is mainly used to treat athlete’s foot. In the context of the riff, though, they could have said just about anything that looked like white powder or foam. I presume they chose Desenex because it seemed obscure enough.

Novelty factor: I had no idea, never heard of Desenex before. With a name like that, I assumed from the riff that it was some kind of cleaning solution or something.


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