175. “Martin Bormann, stock car racer.”

The episode:Terror from the Year 5000,” ep. 807

The riff: Spoken by Mike during a flurry of riffs where they mock a boring-looking man as he pilots his vehicle. This part of the movie seems to delight in showing us the most inconsequential parts of his travels.

The explanation: The man bears a resemblance to Martin Bormann, a prominent member of the Nazi party during WWII-era Germany. Bormann was a close confidant of Hitler’s, eventually becoming his personal secretary and mouthpiece of sorts. He was often tasked with disseminating the fuhrer’s orders and instructions, which gave him huge personal power within the Reich. He was thought to have escaped during the war, resulting in a 26-year-long manhunt. His remains were finally discovered in Germany in 1972, and DNA-proven in 1998.

Novelty factor: I had a vague idea of who Bormann was from my own knowledge of WWII history, but I never knew about the length of the manhunt in determining his death. That is a long time to wait for an answer. NOTE: Regardless of the DNA, there are still conspiracy theorists who assert Bormann survived and fled to South America. Observe.


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