173. “I’d like a Bromo please.”

The episode:Gamera vs. Gaos,” ep. 308

The riff: Spoken in a Japanese accent by Crow while Gamera shoots a stream of fire out his mouth at Gaos. NOTE: No available link for this one, sorry.

The explanation: This seems to be a reference to Bromo-Seltzer, a brand of foaming antacid crystals that dissolve immediately in water, like a faster-working Alka-Seltzer. It’s been sold ever since 1888, surprisingly. There’s even a Bromo-Seltzer Tower in Baltimore that was once topped by a 50-foot bottle of the stuff. The “bromo” in the name comes from sodium bromide, a former ingredient. It was removed 1975 after the toxicity of bromides was revealed. Bet that makes you want to try some new products on the market, eh? Perhaps that’s why this vintage ad says one should “avoid excessive use.”

Novelty factor: Never heard of this stuff in my life. I had a hard time telling exactly what Crow was saying, but this seems like the clear answer.


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