172. “I know you’ve been hanging around with that Dave Delgado guy.”

The episode:Catalina Caper,” ep. 204

The riff: Said knowingly by Tom as one of the movie’s numberless blonde teens accuses his father of being up to some kind of illegal scheme.

The explanation: I’m pretty sure Tom is mistaken and is actually referring to a guy called Dave Del Dotto. Del Dotto was apparently a California real estate investor who became known to American television audiences in the 1980s and 1990s for his colorful, late-night infomercials where he promised get-rich-quick knowledge of the real estate market. His “cash flow system” was sold in books and videos, and was eventually determined to be a pile big of crap. He was sued by the Federal Trade Commission in 1995 for his deceptive claims and paid a fine of $200,000. However, he appears to have turned out successfully, as he now operates Del Dotto Vineyards in Nappa Valley.

Novelty factor: Apparently I wasn’t staying up late enough or watching the right channels to see Del Dotto in the 1990s, because this guy is a total mystery to me.

Sorry it's small, but it's the largest image of his book out there.

Sorry it’s small, but it’s the largest image of his book out there.


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