167. “Ah, they taped over The Beatles’ Berlin tapes!”

The episode:King Dinosaur,” ep. 210

The riff: Griped by Crow as some scientists who have just landed on a new planet record their observations on a super futuristic tape recorder.

The explanation: Early in the careers, members of The Beatles who included Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best performed regularly in bars throughout Hamburg, Germany–and I presume Berlin as well? They did some of their earliest recording in this period, which brought them to the attention of their first manager, Brian Epstein. Either way, I suspect Crow is talking about these earliest recordings, all of which predated their first full-length UK album, “Please Please Me.”

Novelty factor: I know enough about The Beatles to understand that he’s referring to their Germany period, although I’m wondering if I simply don’t know about recordings done in Berlin or if the writers were actually thinking of Hamburg.


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