162. “Where’s that Pronto Pup stand?”

The episode:The Magic Voyage of Sinbad,” ep. 505

The riff: Inserted as dialog by Tom in his old man voice as a codger nervously walks through the marketplace, looking back and forth.

The explanation: Pronto Pup is an Oregon-based company that manufactures a particular brand of battered hot dogs on a stick. If that sounds like a corn dog to you, it’s very close, but the Pronto Pup batter is not actually made with corn flour. Instead, it’s more like a pancake mix. Vendors of these foods can buy Pronto Pup mix directly from the website–no idea how one of the MST3k writers would have been familiar with the product, except that it must have been common at Minnesota-area fairs.

Novelty factor: This one is definitely new to me. I am curious how different the Pronto Pup batter is from your typical corn dog. Also, I don’t feel like I’ve ever seen a vendor listing their dogs as “Pronto Pups” before. This kid seems to know what it’s all about.


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