160. “Man-made chickens, but they’re new!”

The episode:Hercules Against the Moon Men,” ep. 410

The riff: Hawked by Joel in a carnival barker’s voice just after discordant music swells and he notes that it “sounds kind of like ‘Eraserhead.'”

The explanation: They’re referring to a specific scene from David Lynch’s famously weird body horror movie “Eraserhead” from 1977. In the bizarre world of the film, “man-made chickens” are apparently an artificial form of food that one can create at home. When the characters attempt to eat them, though, things do not go well, as the cooked chickens are apparently alive and bleed all over the plates. Meaning? Whatever the hell you desire it to be.

Novelty factor: “Eraserhead” is a movie that has literally been on my “to-watch” list for years, but I’ve yet to get around to it. It’s in my Netflix queue, somewhere around the middle. I know that I will eventually end up watching it, but my god does this look like a bizarre movie. In the end, I sometimes wonder why I feel compelled to watch David Lynch and David Cronenberg movies. They’re always more interestingĀ before I actually see them.


One thought on “160. “Man-made chickens, but they’re new!”

  1. You should try to see “Eraserhead” on the big screen. The black-and-white cinematography is absolutely beautiful.

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