153. “Oh, it’s just a V-2 rocket…he could have had a V8!”

The episode:Robot Monster,” ep. 107

The riff: The first part of the riff is spoken by Tom as a stock footage rocket blasts off, and the second part is added by Crow a moment later.

The explanation: A branching wordplay riff. Tom first refers to the V-2 rocket, the so-called “vengeance weapon” developed by Nazi Germany and largely used in the sustained attack on the British Isles during WWII. It was the world’s first long-range ballistic missile. Crow, meanwhile is using the name to slip in a pop culture reference to the slogan for the V8 vegetable juice drink. “Could have had a V8” was the company’s slogan during the 1980s, and it returned again in 2007, still used in some V8 commercials to this day.

Novelty factor: Like any young kid, I went through a period of war fascination, so I’m familiar with the V-2 rocket. Likewise, I remembered hearing the “could have had a V8” slogan. I was momentarily confused to think that the company had been using the same slogan for decades at a time, but this is one of those rare cases where the SOL crew made a reference to an old tagline that came back into the public consciousness long after MST3k was off the air.


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