152. “You know it’s a Brunswick, I’m going to bowl a 300 with this baby!”

The episode:Gamera vs. Barugon,” ep. 304

The riff: Giddily cooed by Joel as one of the movie’s unsavory characters strokes a giant opal that he has just stolen away.

The explanation: Brunswick, as it turns out, has been a major bowling supply company for over a century. They make practically everything that a person needs to bowl, and many things that a person assuredly does not need in order to bowl. As with any hobbyist past time taken to the extreme, it becomes hilarious when viewed from the outside. Check out this list of awesomely complicated Brunswick bowling balls with names like “Nexxxus” and “Meanstreak,” or this even funnier review site for said bowling balls.

Novelty factor: I think we’ve all probably bowled at some point, but who among us has really looked at the brand name of our bowling balls, besides those who bring their own to the lanes? I’ve never heard of the company, and my career high game is like 140. Coincidence?

American life on the threshold of the golden 60s!


7 thoughts on “152. “You know it’s a Brunswick, I’m going to bowl a 300 with this baby!”

  1. Another jaw-dropper. Brunswick was the Nike of bowling. I don’t remember it, necessarily, on bowling balls, but it was EVERYWHERE at bowling lanes, especially the pin-changer workings.

  2. I have a Brunswick ball and shoes. And I’ve always been aware of the company, despite being a mediocre bowler. Then again I’m one of “those who bring their own to the lanes” I really can’t stand wearing someone else’s shoes.

  3. I have had Brunswick bowling balls over the years (I have been bowling for 38 years). Most of them were drilled where I could not control them. Then I discovered Hammers and have been bowling with them ever since.

    I do love to bowl with a ball when I know exactly what it will do when it hits the pins. Even though I had a 300 game in 1996 with a different brand of ball, Hammer is my favorite!

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