150. “Let’s go visit Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins.”

The episode:Horrors of Spider Island,” ep. 1011

The riff: Quipped by Mike in imitation of the movie’s shirtless, pompous “hero,” as he leads a gaggle of lovely ladies away from a boat crash and inward onto a desert island.

The explanation: They’re referring to the 1980 romantic drama “The Blue Lagoon,” which starred then-teenage actors Atkins and Shields as two children marooned on a tropical island. As the pair hit puberty, they undergo a confusing transition and develop feelings for one another, separated from the typical romantic constraints of society. It was somewhat scandalous at the time because it’s full of semi-clothed “nude scenes” and Shields was only 14, although she used a double for much of the filming. It’s kind of a weird movie, and it reviewed quite poorly. Roger Ebert called it “the dumbest movie of the year,” for what that’s worth.

Novelty factor: I recognized the riff because I’ve seen bits and pieces of “The Blue Lagoon” before. I’ve always found it to be achingly boring, and I’ve never made it through watching more than 10 minutes or so at one time.


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