147. “This is how ‘My Giant’ ends.”

The episode:Gorgo,” ep. 909

The riff: Sarcastically riffed by Servo as the movie’s giant Godzilla-ripoff monster wades into the Atlantic Ocean and out of the film as the credits roll.

The explanation:My Giant” was the title of a 1998 comedy drama starring Billy Crystal and  7-foot, 7-inch pro basketball player Gheorghe Muresan. In the film, Crystal plays a con man/talent agent who exploits the Romanian-born giant’s freakish proportions to make him an actor in Hollywood. It was critically panned to nobody’s surprise, just another terrible movie that Billy Crystal was involved in. As for Muresan, he had an injury-riddled career spread over 7 seasons in the NBA, and was never a particularly impactful player.

Novelty factor: I never actually saw this movie, but I remember its stunt casting very well. Even though I wasn’t particularly a basketball fan at the time (except for the Jordan-led Bulls of course), I still knew who Muresan was. And I also knew enough to avoid a movie with such a stupid premise and title.


12 thoughts on “147. “This is how ‘My Giant’ ends.”

  1. Of all the kinds of people I expected to hear of in the course of this blog, die-hard Gheorge Muresan supporters were not among them.

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