145. “You know, with Mitchum, you can skip a week–did you know that?”

The episode:The Touch of Satan,” ep. 908

The riff: Growled by Mike in imitation of the family patriarch, a farmer proudly sporting massive sweat stains on his shirt.

The explanation: This line is a parody of a long-running ad campaign for Mitchum, an anti-perspirant. From the 1970s on, Mitchum ads often claimed that it was such a strong fighter of perspiration an odor that it was “so effective you can skip a day.” That slogan apparently lived on all the way to 2007 before being dropped, presumably because someone finally realized it unintentionally makes you sound like a slob who can’t be bothered to apply deodorant on a daily basis.

Novelty factor: It may sound odd, but I’ve never even heard of this brand before, much less the slogan. Not sure how I’ve missed it.


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