144. “…um, Good Buddy.”

The episode:The Puma Man,” ep. 903

The riff: Added by Mike to the end of a car-driver’s sentence as he talks to other thugs over a dash-mounted radio.

The explanation: “Good buddy” was apparently a staple term of 1970s CB radio enthusiasts, particularly truck drivers, who evolved the CB slang into its own little anti-language. In CB parlance, “good buddy” was something one would call a fellow CB user who you were friends with over the air. Interestingly, from what I read the term eventually fell out of favor, and now “good neighbor” is more common. In fact, it sounds as if “good buddy” took on a secondary meaning, a somewhat derogatory one applying it to gay truckers looking for other interested men.

Novelty factor: I have always been amused by trucker lingo, especially “I’ll catch you on the big bounce-around,” whatever that means. Never heard this, though.

NOTE: Don’t watch this video if you are easily offended by idiots. I believe it sums up the average user of this terminology in 2013, though. Can you believe this has only 1 view? What a crime.


One thought on “144. “…um, Good Buddy.”

  1. I actually had a CB radio in my car at the height of the craze (1977). One day my parents were riding with me to somewhere; I forget where. I had the CB for entertainment in place of the “real” radio. I can’t repeat what the trucker was saying, but it was a rant about African-Americans (not his term) and using “colorful” language in the process. I immediately turned it off, but not before the damage was done. All my mom could say was, “Oh my.”

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