140. “It’s the KGB, Mr. Benny!”

The episode:The Beast of Yucca Flats,” ep. 621 (Note: I’ve already done the two shorts in front of this one, so I figured I should do one from the film even though, for my money, this is the single worst movie they ever viewed. Source: Coleman Francis.)

The riff: Howled by Crow as a car full of Russian spies chases an American scientist and his black driver.

The explanation: Crow is imitating the character of Rochester van Jones from the old Jack Benny radio and television shows. Played by comedian Eddie Anderson, Rochester was Benny’s main foil, a manservant of sorts who gradually became as big a character on the show as Benny himself. His distinctive, raspy voice was often used in song, and he always referred to his employer as “Mr. Benny.”

Novelty factor: This one sounded vaguely familiar to me when I heard it, but I didn’t really know enough about the Jack Benny show to put it together. My pop culture knowledge goes back pretty far most of the time for someone my age, but this was beyond me.


One thought on “140. “It’s the KGB, Mr. Benny!”

  1. It was a very popular 50’s TV show, and it was a radio show before that, but I didn’t know about it till I was a young adult. But I orginally knew it from the Warner Brothers cartoon, The Mouse that Jack Built. A retelling of the Show done with the characters as mice. A cartoon that is probably not played much anymore owning to having a “black servant” character. This cartoon is a pleasant exeption in the fact that it has the real actors voices not Mel Blanc impersonations.

    Sorry its not a You Tube link, But Warner Brothers has pulled it off Youtube. (This site will not work with ad blockers installed)


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