133. “Say yes, yes, to Martini and Rossi, on the rocks.”

The episode:Fire Maidens of Outer Space,” ep. 416

The riff: Sung by Joel as a “New Atlantean” man fills a cocktail glass with some sort of concoction and says “refresh yourself!

The explanation: Martini and Rossi is a popular and widespread brand of vermouth, specifically the “Martini” brand name. Vermouth, if you don’t know, is a wine fortified with herbs and flavoring agents, typically used as an additive to cocktails both in dry and sweet form. It is a requirement for cocktails like the true martini or Manhattan  It is occasionally drunk by itself as an aperitif  and that’s where this snatch of song comes from–a series of commercials in the 1970s that advertised Martini and Rossi vermouth as a drink of hip, young people, a “wine” to be consumed on the rocks.

Novelty factor: I recognize the brand because I love sweet vermouth in my Manhattan  but I honestly can’t imagine wanting to drink it straight. I imagine my reaction would be just like Phil Connors’ in “Groundhog Day.”


2 thoughts on “133. “Say yes, yes, to Martini and Rossi, on the rocks.”

  1. I am late to the party here, but this riff comes up again in I Accuse My Parents (ep 507) as the PS to a note left for Jimmy, though I think the exact verbiage in that instance is “Say yes to Martini & Rossi on the rocks, say yes.”

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