132. “They were transferred to a Costa-Gavras film.”

The episode:Future War,” ep. 1004

The riff: Remarked by Crow during a brief segment where the characters are being seen through a television reporter’s camera, which adds a degree of blurriness/pixelation and muddles the dialog.

The explanation: Costa-Gavras (the hyphen is correct) is a Greek-born filmmaker who moved to France and became part of the New Wave. He was known for politically charged themes embedded within otherwise entertaining films, like the thriller “Z.” The thing I’m not sure of is what exactly about this scene makes them think of the style of Gavras specifically. It’s such a specific reference to make, and from the Gavras material I’ve looked through, it doesn’t seem like it’s particular lo-fi in its image or sound. So I’m a bit confused. NOTE: Now that I think about it, perhaps Crow is referring to the thriller-type content of the scene?

Novelty factor: I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Costa-Gavras, as far as I can recall. Can anyone explain to me the exact reasoning behind their use of this riff?


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