127. “Duncan Sutherland, what a yo-yo!”

The episode:The Crawling Eye,” ep. 101

The riff: Opined by Tom during the opening credits when art director Duncan Sutherland’s name is shown.

The explanation: He’s making a wordplay reference to Donald F. Duncan, Sr., the American toy baron who founded the Duncan Toys Company in 1929. They were known more than anything else for their Duncan Yo-Yos, still a well-known brand today. In fact, Duncan’s name became so synonymous with yo-yos that it was often (erroneously) said that he had invented the yo-yo. They did, however, hold the trademark on the word “yo-yo” for around 35 years, and today still own the URL, www.yo-yo.com.

Novelty factor: I owned several Duncan Yo-Yos as a kid, and so I remember the brand name quite well. I recall that opinion on the playground held that Duncans were the “high class” yo-yo. Enjoy this incredibly lame Duncan “disco yo-yos” commercial. Seriously, this is one of the lamest I have ever dug up.



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