126. “Now she’s Joan Blondell again.”

The episode:Overdrawn at the Memory Bank,” ep. 822

The riff: Said in frustration by Mike as a shape-shifting character inside the protagonist’s head turns back into a middle-aged blond woman.

The explanation: Joan Blondell was a widely known actress during the Golden Age of Hollywood, appearing as a “sexy, wisecracking blonde” in many pre-code films. She was in more than 100 movies, but not many of them are particularly well-known today or emerged as timeless classics, except for the “Gold Diggers” series. She did appear in several better-remembered films in the 1970s like “Grease” and the remake of “The Champ” before her death in 1979. I didn’t know this, but she was married to one of my favorite actors of the period, Dick Powell.

Novelty factor: I find it interesting how many movies Blondell was in, but yet I don’t really know any of them except for being aware of “Gold Diggers.” It is rare that I can find someone like this who was featured in such a large number of films in the 1930s and 1940s and not at least know a few of them.


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