122. “Hey, it’s the cast of ‘Hawaiian Eye!'”

The episode:Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster,” ep. 213

The riff: Noticed by Crow as all of the movie’s young Japanese men bound into the frame, with a tropical jungle behind them. NOTE: Sorry, no clip of this one to be had.

The explanation:Hawaiian Eye,” as it turns out, was an ABC drama series from 1959-1963. It was about a private investigator who opens up shop in a tropical Hawaiian hotel and enlists the locals (presumably in “Kato” roles of varying degrees) to help him solve crimes and mysteries. It sounds pretty hokey, if you ask me. As evidence, I submit the fact that there was a character named “Sunny Day” in the show.

Novelty factor: I’ve never even heard of this one before. A good example of the range of things they would riff on, all the way from TV of this era to stuff that was on when new MST3k episodes were coming out.


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