121. “It’s the Cisco Kid!”

The episode:The Black Scorpion,” ep. 113

The riff: A rare riff from Josh as Tom Servo, observed as a man peers through binoculars and sees a figure on a horse racing along.

The explanation: The Cisco Kid is an enduring Western character who has gone through many iterations. He was created by ironic short story writer O. Henry in a 1907 story called   “The Caballero’s Way.” There, he was a murderous desperado who killed for fun. Over time, though, the character became a hero in comic book appearances and an eventual TV series in the 1950s. His last significant appearance was a 1994 TV movie that starred Jimmy Smits as The Kid, believe it or not.

Novelty factor: The only way I know of this character is from a song, “The Cisco Kid,” by the band War. Guess how I first heard the song? Mike Nelson sings it in a later episode of MST3k. We’ve officially come full circle.


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