120. “Hal Roach presents an ‘Our Gang’ comedy.”

The episode: “Snow Thrills,” the short in front of “It Conquered the World,” ep. 311

The riff: Chirped by Tom Servo during the movie’s opening credits.

The explanation:Our Gang” was the official name for the series of shorts that became better known as “The Little Rascals.” It was somewhat notable at its 1922 inception for portraying children in a more realistic way than in the past. Compare “Our Gang” episodes to children’s appearances in adult comedies of the time and you’ll see what I mean–they actually have their own motivations and concerns, and act more like small adults than overgrown babies. Hal Roach, the producer, was a prolific producer of comedies, including those of Laurel and Hardy.

Novelty factor: Despite its age, I recognized this one, having studied this sort of thing in some of my earlier film courses.


2 thoughts on “120. “Hal Roach presents an ‘Our Gang’ comedy.”

  1. I’m again only commenting only to see my name in print and not because I have a brilliant observation.

    Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer was born and raised in my hometown of Paris, IL. His house was right around the corner of my home.

  2. In Minneapolis anyway, the local kids show Clancy and Willie played Our gang comedies every day as filler, so if you were a kid in the twin cities in the 60’s and 70’s you saw Our Gang comedies a lot.

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