113. “Hooker’s a good cop!”

The episode:Master Ninja II,” ep. 324

The riff: Insisted loudly by Tom as two characters argue and one grabs the other by the neck of his shirt.

The explanation: This is a favorite recurring riff of the MST3k writers, a reference to the 1982-1986 police series “T.J. Hooker.” The show starred a post-Star Trek William Shatner as the title character, a former detective who watched his partner gunned down in cold blood. He then goes back to being a uniformed police officer to rid the streets of criminal scum. In the classic tradition of these characters, he clashes with the police station’s captain over his tactics, but wins everyone’s respect in the end. The MST3k writers often yell this phrase when two characters are arguing in the style of Hooker.

Novelty factor: I’ve never actually watched T.J. Hooker, but I’ve heard the riff often enough to know what it means.


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