111. “This is the weirdest ‘My Little Margie’ episode I have ever seen.”

The episode:The Starfighters,” ep. 612

The riff: Insisted by Servo during the movie’s opening credits, as jets fly in formation and lilting string music fills the air.

The explanation:My Little Margie” was an American sitcom that ran from 1952-1955 on CBS and NBC, originally beginning as a summer fill-in for “I Love Lucy,” which it attempted to emulate with moderate success. It told the story of a young woman living in the city with her widowed father. As for the riff, I’m pretty sure that Tom is comparing the opening music of this film with the “My Little Margie” theme by the prolific Alexander Laszlo. They’re both rather perky and heavy on the strings.

Novelty factor: If this is the kind of thing that you expect me to know, then you haven’t been following this blog very closely. Regardless, this is the sort of riff that makes me wonder what kind of references they would be making if the show was still airing today. What shows would they be using as comparisons for film music?


5 thoughts on “111. “This is the weirdest ‘My Little Margie’ episode I have ever seen.”

  1. Start watching Rifftrax and see. They do make modern as well as classic riffs. In the newest Rifftrax, Kevin makes a dated reference. There is a flying supernatural car, and Kevin starts going “Supercar! Supercar!” And when nobody follows along He goes “Guys! Supercar!” and Bill says to him “You are a million years old, aren’t you?”

    On the other hand, I know who Skrillllix is because they have made more than one reference to them when there has been horrible electronic noise. They make plenty of modern music references, and the odd callback you have to me an MST fan to get. So they are doing a good mix of new and older references, jokes for us “old” people, and more modern references for the under 30 set as well.

    I know the Rifftrax Vs Cinematic Titanic, thing comes across like the Mike VS Joel war, but I admit I prefer Rifftrax. Check out the new VOD “The Apple” a stunningly bad musical set in the terribly gay, vinyl clad dystopian future year of 1994, http://www.rifftrax.com/vod/apple. This movie is very evil and well worth it.

    • I prefer Rifftrax as well, although I must admit that I don’t think Rifftrax, even at its best, approaches MST3k.

      I’ve experienced some of this stuff, because I’ve seen most of the live Rifftrax shows in theaters. I’ve watched some of the regular releases as well, but I’ve just never cared quite enough to get into watching them all.

      I think there was a special X-factor to MST3k that was undoubtedly forged from having so many brilliant comedians all writing material in the same room. Mike, Bill and Paul are funny as a group, just as Joel, Frank, Mary Jo and Trace are as a group, but combine a greater number of them together and you ended up with something even more special.

      • I don’t know, I feel the Live shows suffer from feeling “forced” because they are first take script readings. The studio ones are a lot smother.

        I like it when they do bad movies like “The Apple” or Mexican wrestler films and such. I just don’t bother with the riffs of the popular films. I only buy the VODs and the shorts. The kind of films that MST would have done if they had the rights. I don’t care at all about Rifftrax of “popular” films. I don’t go to see cineplex blockbusters, so making fun of them leaves me cold “The last three Star wars movies excluded”

        Have you seen The Revenge of Doctor X? An Ed Wood written film shot by Toei in Japan? It is EVERYTHING an MST epp should be. Bad color, rigid acting, a silly plot, rubber Monsters, a bad budget, hopeless camera work, Ed Wood with Teriyaki sauce. Truly ghastly.

        As to better? I don’t know, different possibly. The writing is tighter and sharper than its ever been. Its like the difference between, Crow 1 and Crow 2. Some might say meaner, I say more focused and edgy.

        My Dream team is Mike Kevin and Bill, with guest Josh Weinstein. Like that will ever happen. Sigh………

        • I agree with you that I prefer the riffing on “bad movies” rather than wide-release blockbusters. It’s more in line with the spirit of the original show. I had actually seen the trailer for that Doctor X riff and thought it looked really funny.

          I think we may just have a difference of taste as for the rest, though. For instance, it often feels to me as if the Rifftrax material is just a bit more crass and a little less cerebral and/or obscure than the MST3k riffs. Sometimes it feels like they’re repeating themselves a little bit. I still love it, but it’s just not my preference.

          When I discuss this, by the way, I often think there’s no good reason that MST3k wouldn’t succeed if it returned to television right now. The show owners are probably the things standing in the way, but I honestly believe that if you brought back a new MST3k with either Mike or Joel as host, with some of the same cast of characters returning, and stuck it on a channel like Cartoon Network during their Adult Swim block, that it could become a huge hit. The world is just way nerdier today than it ever was during the 1980s-1990s. If they focused on more recent bad movies–say, the crappy horror and sci-fi of the 80s and 90s–just imagine how much the hipster/pothead segment of Adult Swim’s viewership would get behind it.

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