110. “I’ve got to be careful of my new jeans because I got them at Pamida!”

The episode:Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm,” the short in front of “Bloodlust,” ep. 607

The riff: Exclaimed by Mike in his little kid voice as a bunch of ragamuffins play in a dangerous-looking hayloft on the titular uncle’s dairy farm.

The explanation: As it turns out, Pamida* was a chain of small department stores that was found throughout the Midwest in 16 different states. They specialized in selling to low-population towns of 3,000-8,000 people, where they were often the biggest general store in town. They were acquired by Shopko in 2002 and merged into the company in 2012. Only six of the stores with the “Pamida” names remain. Mike is basically satirizing the small-town mentality of the Pamida location as the “nice store” in town.

*Fun fact: The name “Pamida” was coined from an amalgam of the names of the founder’s kids, Pat, Mike and David.

Novelty factor: This is giving away my suburban roots, but I’ve never been to a Pamida, or even heard of the chain before, despite growing up in the Midwest. I highly doubt there were any in my area in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. BONUS: I even found a Pamida clip involving jeans. How good at this am I?


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