108. “Looks like the inside of Robert Morley’s nose.”

The episode:The Creeping Terror,” ep. 606

The riff: Observed by Crow during the credits’ weird squiggly lines segment, described moments earlier as “When spiders drink too much!”

The explanation: I feel fairly certain they’re referring to British character actor Robert Morley with this one. A veteran of more than 100 films in five decades, the portly actor had a look that was considered perfect for playing stuffy, aristocrat-types. Leonard Maltin described him as “recognizable by his ungainly bulk, bushy eyebrows, thick lips and double chin, particularly effective when cast as a pompous windbag.” With this said, I really wonder what in particular it was about Morley of all actors that inspired this reference. It’s clear they wanted to do “a nose hair joke,” but why Morley? Wasn’t there someone more clearly associated with nose hair?

Novelty factor: Shamefully, of all of his films, I believe the only one I’ve ever seen is “The Great Muppet Caper,” in which he has a cameo. Indirectly, this is also an admission that I have never seen “The African Queen.”

What's in a nose? More specifically, what's in Robert Morley's nose?

What’s in a nose? More specifically, what’s in Robert Morley’s nose?


2 thoughts on “108. “Looks like the inside of Robert Morley’s nose.”

  1. Okay, I won’t even go near your not having seen “African Queen.” There are a couple of Morley movies that you might like. The first is “Who’s Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?” There is a scene at the end where he is surrounded by empty plates after a humongous, several-course meal. I mention this only because it reminded me of the scene in “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life” where the portly gentleman has a huge meal, is offered a “wafer thin mint,” and you probably know what happens next.
    The other movie is a little-known British comedy gem, “Curtain Up,” who’s cast includes Margaret Rutherford. This is a very funny movie, where much humor is directed toward those in live theatre. If you can, give it a look-see, maybe on the same night you watch “African Queen.”

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