107. “His Edgar Kennedy one-man show is going good.”

The episode:A Case of Spring Fever,” the short before “Squirm,” ep. 1012

The riff: Said in a rather pointed tone by Mike as the hapless loser of this short film shakes his non-functional watch.

The explanation: Edgar Kennedy was a comedic film actor known colloquially as “slow burn.” He had a tendency to be cast as somewhat sad-sack authority figures such as cops in comedy films, and then become increasingly exasperated by the antics of the heroes throughout the film. He was so good at this that he became completely typecast as this type of character in the films of Laurel and Hardy or the Marx Brothers–a “poster boy for frustration.”

Novelty factor: I wasn’t familiar with him at all, but I cruised through some clips on YouTube. Check out one of his best-known bits below, from the Marx Bros.’ “Duck Soup.” Kennedy is the vendor, of course.


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