104. “The Gin Game!”

The episode:The Incredible Melting Man,” ep. 704

The riff: Exclaimed by Crow as an elderly couple trades good-natured ribbing as they drive deserted roads in the middle of the night: Of note: In a show filled with bizarre people, these are two of the weirdest folks to get screen-time in an MST3k episode.

The explanation: This seems to be a fairly obscure theater reference to a show of the same name, “The Gin Game,” from 1976. The minimalist drama stars only two people, an elderly couple who meet at a nursing home for senior citizens. It is so named because the long conversations they engage in take place as the pair of seniors battle in consecutive games of gin rummy.

Novelty factor: Totally new to me! Sounds like an absolutely riveting premise.


2 thoughts on “104. “The Gin Game!”

  1. I always enjoyed watching this play. This, of course, was fodder for “stunt casting.” An example was a made-for-TV presentation with Dick Van Dyke & Mary Tyler Moore.

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