94. “Wow, looks like ‘The Terror of Tiny Town,’ but bigger.”

The episode:Gunslinger,” ep. 511

The riff: Realized by Joel as a horse rider is silhouetted in the extreme background of the shot, looking very small indeed.

The explanation: Well, here’s a weird one. “The Terror of Tiny Town” was a 1938 musical western, notable for being the only film of its kind of ever star…an entire cast of midget/dwarf/little people actors. That’s right, this exploitation western had nothing but actors with the medical condition of dwarfism. Many of them were members of the “Singer Midgets” troupe, which would appear the following year as the Munchkins in “The Wizard of Oz.” So basically, if you gave the Munchkins their own movie and set it in the American Wild West, this is that film.

Novelty factor: I am blown away by this one. It’s unbelievable how callous and tone-deaf the Hollywood of this period could be. On the other hand, I’m sure these actors were glad for the work at the time. But watching this makes me feel dirty. The entire film is available on YouTube, if you’re curious.


3 thoughts on “94. “Wow, looks like ‘The Terror of Tiny Town,’ but bigger.”

  1. I’ve got “Terror/Town” on tape (Beta, no less), that I taped off Showtime. If I’m not mistaken, it was introduced by Joe Bob Briggs.

      • I would say it ranks up there with the weirder. I have several specials that aired on the premium channels, like the series “History of White People in America,” and several “unique” movies like “The First Nudie Musical;” I could go on and on. At the height of my saving movies/shows to tape (Beta) I amassed a collection of about 175 tapes that I literally filled to the last remaining second.

        BTW: Joe Bob Briggs introduced “Kentucky Fried Movie,” not “Tiny.”

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