91. “Rubber Soul font.”

The episode:Quest of the Delta Knights,” ep. 913

The riff: Sarcastically spoken by Crow as the camera quickly cuts across some silly-looking signs at Ye Medieval Marketplace.

The explanation: Crow is comparing the rather goofy-looking curved “Astrology” sign to the iconic cover of The Beatles’ 1965 album “Rubber Soul.” I’m not sure how close a comparison it truly is, but there you go. In the film, one must question why a vendor would make the sign advertising his service practically unreadable–it’s not as if he was after the artistic merit of the Beatles album.

Novelty factor: I’m a big enough Beatles fan to recognize that reference when I hear it. I’m by no means the only one who remembers that font, either. If you type “Rubber Soul font” into Google you’ll find people trying to find their own versions of it or recreating it.



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