88. “Albert Glasser, the man who holds you down and pummels you with music.”

The episode:Last of the Wild Horses,” ep. 611

The riff: Opined by Dr. Forrester as Glasser’s name appears in the film’s opening credits. Note, this is during a one-time-only segment in which the mad scientists have switched place with Mike and the Bots in the theater.

The explanation: Albert Glasser was a prolific composer of film music for B-movies, including many for MST3k notables like Bert I. Gordon. His music is rather over-the-top and bombastic, and many of the scores sound the same. They’re all filled with the entire orchestra seemingly playing at once–when you think of the sound of 1950s sci-fi, you’re probably thinking of Albert Glasser. Despite his bombast, the crew of the SOL seems to have a certain grudging admiration for him and his many appearances in their films, which shows in clips like this one and this one. EDIT: Found another reference here. They really liked picking on Albert Glasser.

Novelty factor: I’ve definitely heard the name before in previous MST3k episodes. He shows up a lot. A trip through his IMDB profile reveals that he was the composer for 10 different MST3k episodes, including “Earth vs. The Spider,” “The Beginning of the End” and “Teenage Caveman,” which gave him the pleasure of working with Corman in addition to Gordon. Now that’s a murderer’s row.


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