81. “Why, Bill never eats my plaster cake at home!”

The episode: “General Hospital pt. 2, the short in front of “The Beatniks,” ep. 415

The riff: Inserted as dialogue by Joel as a puzzled-looking woman peers at a guy taking a slice of really stiff-looking cake.

The explanation: This is a parody of a well-known advertising campaign for Yuban Coffee in the 1970s. In the commercials, a wife at a house party insists her husband “never has a second cup of coffee” at home, but at the party he can’t get enough of the bold Yuban flavors. Their marriage is of course saved when she switches their home brand to Yuban. Interestingly, in researching this commercial I found it wrongly attributed to Folgers in many places–that’s the kind of cache that being a well-known brand gets you, I guess.

Novelty factor: Recognized it right off the bat because of a memorable previous parody of the same series of commercials in the spoof film “Airplane!” In that movie, a woman thinks to herself first that her husband “never has a second cup of coffee at home,” before he gets violently ill. She then muses that he “never vomits at home.” The sound clip is here.


2 thoughts on “81. “Why, Bill never eats my plaster cake at home!”

  1. These ads must have worked for my parents. They always bought Yuban, through my whole youth. And yes, I remember the ad. It played forever– I think maybe different versions of the ad were made, with different couples? Or was it this one ad that was replayed ad infinitum? Do you know?

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