80. “Ah, Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier are in there already.”

The episode:Red Zone Cuba,” ep. 619

The riff: Observed by Mike as a fugitive trying to avoid police and bloodhounds seems to consider crawling into a drainage pipe and then runs off.

The explanation: This is a reference to the 1958 film drama “The Defiant Ones.” In it, Curtis and Poitier play two escaped convicts who are shackled together and must work together to survive and evade capture. A period piece set in the deep south, it deals with matters of race as the white and black prisoners initially loathe one another and eventually develop a mutual respect and friendship.

Novelty factor: I know both actors, but I can’t say I understood the point of the reference when I heard it. Likewise, I’ve heard of “The Defiant Ones” many times, but I’ve never seen the film. Perhaps I’ll add it to the Netflix queue.


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