77. “The Bataan ‘oh, my dogs are aching’ March.”

The episode:Colossus and the Headhunters,” ep. 605

The riff: Exclaimed by Crow as a battalion of captured slaves are marched across rather pastoral-looking countrysides.

The explanation: Crow is referencing the infamous “Bataan Death March,” which occurred during World War II as Filipino and American POWs from the capture of the Philippine Islands were forcibly transferred more than 80 miles on foot, many of whom died or were killed en route. The general in charge was executed in war crimes trials that followed the war. I must say, this riff proves that no subject is taboo for the riffers, as they make light of this scene in the movie by essentially saying it’s not particularly intimidating compared to the actual Bataan Death March.

Novelty factor: Like just about any young guy, I went through a period of fascination with World War II history. As such, I knew the history behind this reference.


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