71. “Hey you guys, I think it’s Coppola’s espresso machine!”

The episode: “Being From Another Planet,” ep. 405

The riff: Postulated by Joel as the camera pans through some weirdly lit basement piping systems.

The explanation: The complicated pipeworks clearly reminded Joel and the bots of espresso machines, which can be rather arcane. But given the scale, it would have to be a machine owned by someone powerful and influential–enter legendary film director Francis Ford Coppola of “Godfather” fame. Many know Coppola for his vineyard’s wine brand, but he is also apparently a big espresso geek. The New York Times ran an article about his love of espresso in 2007 where he claimed to have had more than 300 espresso machines in his lifetime–including one named the “Francis Francis X7.

Novelty factor: It was clear they were referring to the director, but I never knew that Coppola was so into coffee. I guess it makes sense, if he was also a wine snob. It does make me wonder how they knew about his love of coffee in the early 1990s, though.

francis espresso


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