68. “And now, William Wegman’s ‘Mein Kampf.'”

The episode:The Amazing Transparent Man,” ep. 623

The riff: Delivered by Crow during a quick shot of police officers with dogs on the hunt.

The explanation: William Wegman is a photographer and artist particularly well known for his series of compositions featuring dogs in various costumes and poses. That explains the dogs in the shot, but I’m a little fuzzy about the reference to “Mein Kampf,” the manifesto composed by Adolph Hitler as he sat in prison before rising to power. It may be that the writers thought the police with dogs just recalled the Gestapo. Also a possibility: Wegman took many photos of his own dogs, the German-bred Weimaraner. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but it’s an interesting coincidence either way.

Novelty factor: I knew what “Mein Kampf” was of course, which made me curious to research what the rest of the riff was about. I wasn’t expecting it to be “an artist known for his work with dogs,” but finding out that sort of random factoid is why I do this blog.


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