66. “Pore Jud Frey is daid!”

The episode:Operation Double 007,” ep. 508. A James Bond parody starring Neil Connery, Sean’s brother, made in Italy. Yes, this is a real movie.

The riff: Sung by Tom as the film pans down to a death thug who has just been dispatched by Neil Connery’s deadly martial arts prowess.

The explanation: This is a snatch of song from the stage musical “Oklahoma!” It’s part of a song sung by the character Jud Frey as he imagines how much everyone would miss him and feel bad about their treatment of him if he committed suicide. Beyond the fact that a dead guy is on screen, though, I’m not sure what made the writers think of this particular riff. The thug who gets killed has never been introduced before, and I’m pretty sure he bears no real resemblance to Jud Frey.

Novelty factor: I had to think about it for a moment, but then I remembered the source of the quote. I saw “Oklahoma!” last summer as part of my job as an entertainment reporter, so for once I’m familiar with the source material.


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