64. “Lucas McCain…that’s his kid.”

The episode:Village of the Giants,” ep. 523

The riff: Sung by Crow as a very awkward kid attempts to dance and chew gum at the same time.

The explanation: This is a multi-tiered riff that primarily is a reference to the 1958-1963 ABC western series “The Rifleman.” The main character, Lucas McCain, lived on a ranch with his son Mark McCain. Mark was played by Johnny Crawford, who plays the awkward kid in this scene–his name in “Village of the Giants” is “Horsey.” And I could be wrong, but I believe Crow is trying to sing this snatch to the tune of “The Rifleman” intro.

Novelty factor: There were so many TV westerns, and if it’s not “Gunsmoke” then the chances are good I’m not too familiar with it.


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