63. “Ah, it’s Killdozer! Clint Walker, no!”

The episode:The Truck Farmer,” the short in front of “I Accuse my Parents,” ep. 507

The riff: Exclaimed in fear by Crow as a man driving a tractor plows through some foliage and into the frame.

The explanation:Killdozer” was a 1974 made-for-TV movie that gained infamy for its ridiculousness. Possessed by an alien spirit that fell to Earth in a meteorite, a bulldozer gains consciousness and goes on a rampage at an isolated construction site. Clint Walker plays the lead role of Kelly, who must find some way of bringing the deadly Killdozer to a stop.

Novelty factor: I have heard references to this movie many times before in the show, but I’d never looked up what it was all about until now. The cast clearly was fond of it though, and they will frequently make “Killdozer” references when some kind of heavy machinery is on the screen. I always imagined that the reference would be something in a “Death Race 2000” sort of vein, but it’s really more like “Christine.”


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