60. “Robert’s Rules of WOW!”

The episode:The Wild World of Batwoman,” ep. 515

The riff: Exclaimed by Crow as a group of scantily clad freedom fighters under the tutelage of Batwoman conduct themselves an orderly meeting.

The explanation:Robert’s Rules of Order” is a guide to conduct and parliamentary procedure that has been in print and revised since 1876. Basically, it offers an idea of how you can put together a “parliamentary” body of your own and conduct meetings efficiently, without everyone just standing there yelling at each other. A club might keep a copy of the book on hand or base their charter around it. Crow is mocking the improbably serious tone of Batwoman’s meeting, considering that all the participants are basically wearing bathing suits or underwear.

Novelty factor: No idea at all. Where did the writers even pull this reference from?


5 thoughts on “60. “Robert’s Rules of WOW!”

  1. The only guess I have is that I seem to recall around the original airing that a Microsoft interface called WOW was introduced. This was, I think, with Windows 95.

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