58. “Ah, Irish Spring. Manly, yes, but demi-gods love it too.”

The episode:Hercules Against the Moon Men,” ep. 410

The riff: Chuckled by Tom as good ‘ole Herc stumbles through a small waterfall. He’s played by Sergio Ciani in this one.

The explanation: Irish Spring deodorant soap has been made by Palmolive since 1972, and is still around today. Tom is referencing a well-known series of commercials in the 1980s that played up the “Irishness” of Irish Spring and had men talking about it being a “manly” soap. Their women would then chime in, “Manly, yes, but I like it too.” And of course, being a son of Zeus with human parents, Herc is a demi-god.

Novelty factor: I know the Irish Spring brand, but these actual commercials are before my time.


7 thoughts on “58. “Ah, Irish Spring. Manly, yes, but demi-gods love it too.”

    • I have noticed that as well. As for the “I thought you were Dale” references and a few other running gags, I’m kind of compiling lists of all the episodes they appear in so I can eventually do a few “riff spotlight” posts that give a list of episodes where something like “I thought you were Dale” or “Hi-keeba” appear.

      • The one that gets me the most is “SLEEEEEP!!!”. I die laughing every time, although I’ve yet to find the source. The first time it appears is, I believe, early in Season 2, but don’t quote me on that.

        (Also, I love this concept for a blog. If you ever need any help, I’d be glad to lend a hand.)

        • That one always makes me laugh as well, but I’ve never been quite sure if it’s a direct reference to something. It seems like it could be just a general Svengali/hypnotist kind of trope. They have a few movies, like “The She-Creature,” that feature character-types who might inspire “SLEEEEEEP!!!”

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