57. “I think this is the film version of ‘Darkness Visible’ by William Styron.”

The episode:Monster a Go-Go,” ep. 421

The riff: Said by Crow in a distressed voice as yet another drabby scene begins.

The explanation:Darkness Visible” is the name of a memoir by Styron, who also authored famous novels such as “Sophie’s Choice.” First published in Vanity Fair in 1989, the memoir deals with the crippling depression that descended on Styron after giving up alcohol in 1985. Crow is suggesting that every frame of this achingly slow and ugly movie induces the same level of depression. Of note: Whenever they include the author’s name in a riff like this, I feel that even the writers were aware that the joke might be a bit too obscure without it.

Novelty factor: I’ve never heard of this memoir before, but I have heard of Styron.


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