56. “How about chlordane with a tiny drop of Retsyn?”

The episode:Beginning of the End,” ep. 517

The riff: Suggested by Crow while Peter Graves’ scientist character learns they need stronger weapons against the giant, invading grasshoppers in the movie.

The explanation: Okay, this one is pretty obscure. “Chlordane” is one of several names for a pesticide that was used in the U.S. from the 1940s to the 1980s, when it was banned by the EPA because of long-term danger to drinking water. “Retsyn,” on the other hand, is an ingredient that was long a central part of the marketing campaign for the breath-fresheners Certs. Note that I do not say “breath mints,” as Certs doesn’t actually have any mint in it. Retsyn, a mixture of “copper gluconate, hydrogenated cottonseed oil and ‘flavoring,'” is the source of both the “minty” flavors and green flecks in Certs. So really, Crow is suggesting a deadly poison with something to help it go down a little easier, as it were.

Novelty factor: I didn’t know about any of this, although “Retsyn” sounds vaguely familiar. I think the SOL crew may have made jokes about things “with Retysyn” before.


4 thoughts on “56. “How about chlordane with a tiny drop of Retsyn?”

  1. I think in Jack Frost, there’s a series of “ping” sounds, and Crow says “with Retsyn!” after each one. His enthusiasm has dropped considerably by the final one.

  2. At the time Certs was advertised to contain CHLORophyll and Retsyn. The green specks in it were supposed to signal the presence of the chlorophyll.

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