55. “His boots are from Gateway Computer.”

The episode:Final Justice,” ep. 1008

The riff: Quipped by Crow as Joe Don Baker’s Texas Ranger character lays back in a prison bed, revealing his oddly black and white-spotted boots.

The explanation: The pattern on his shoes looks a lot like the black and white splotches of a Holstein cow, which has long been the symbol of Gateway Computers. In the 1990s, the brand first became popular after a series of commercials featuring the black and white spotted Gateway boxes and a cow mascot. Unbelievably upon reflection, this is when human beings were getting new computers by ordering them over the phone because they saw a TV commercial. Even though I lived in that period, the thought is still bizarre to me.

Novelty factor: I was perplexed for a moment when I heard the riff, and then I had a flash of memory and made the connection. I remember the cow commercials in particular, like the one embedded below.


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