54. “The music has a decidedly ‘Hawkwind’ feel to it.”

The episode:Laserblast,” ep. 706

The riff: Observed by Tom Servo during the synth-heavy score of the movie’s long opening credits. And they are very long indeed.

The explanation: Hawkwind, as it turns out, is an English rock band formed in 1969 and still active today, although the 1970s-1980s was their most prolific period. They were among the first groups labeled as “space rock,” blending electronic sounds and “spacey-sounding” keyboards with progressive rock music. The crew of the Satellite of Love previously showed themselves to have a certain fascination with this type of music with all their commentary on “music from space” in “Pod People.”

Novelty factor: Completely new to me. I must say, when I hear “Hawkwind,” it sounds like a really nerdy rock band. They sound like a group of bards that I would have run across as NPCs in a D&D game.


4 thoughts on “54. “The music has a decidedly ‘Hawkwind’ feel to it.”

  1. There was a show called Music from the hearts of space. I used to listen to it on late night drives. The slow wandering synth keyboards and the sedateed dj were so calming I”m amazed I never fell asleep at the wheel. I miss that show.

  2. BTW, in that particular clip for Hawkwind’s “Silver Machine”, you got ol’ Lemmy Kilmister, later known simply as Lemmy from Motorhead. He wasn’t in Hawkwind for more than a couple of years before he decided to form his own band. He sang “Silver Machine” because the other band members couldn’t do the song without sounding like William Shatner doing it.

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