53. “Mind if we dance wiv yo dates?”

The episode:The Saga of the Viking Women and their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent,” ep. 317

The riff: Spoken by Tom in a gruff voice as a warrior on horseback whips the one shrimpy man who snuck off to adventure with the titular Viking Women.

The explanation: This is a sly reference to a great bit from the 1978 film comedy “Animal House.” In the scene referenced, the white boys from Delta House have stumbled into an urban bar where they are clearly not welcome. A huge African American man asks this question before ripping their bolted-down table off the floor in a show of terrifying strength. Tom is parodying the situation as the guy being whipped is having his women “stolen” from him by the men on horseback.

Novelty factor: I recognized the line as soon as I heard it, because I love “Animal House” and John Landis movies in general. Except, you know, John Landis movies made after 1990.


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