52. “The girls’ costumes were designed by long-time NFL referee Jerry Arcbreit!”

The episode:The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies,” ep. 812

The riff: Enthusiastically announced by Crow as a line of dancers removes their outer layer to reveal dresses with nothing but line after line of black and white stripes.

The explanation: This one is interesting to me. It seems pretty clear after doing a little research that Crow is referring to Jerry Markbreit, one of the NFL’s best-known refs, who holds the record for most Super Bowls officiated. If you listen to the clip though, Bill Corbett clearly says “Arc” instead of “Mark.” It may have been that they were confused about what the name really was, or it could have just been a flubbed line that made it through. Either way, I can’t remember many instances where a joke is fundamentally messed up like this.

Novelty factor: It seems weird, but I’ve never really heard of Markbreit, even though he wrote a column in The Chicago Tribune until 2008, and that was the paper my household received. I’m sure my father would probably have recognized the name immediately.


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